Stucco Remediation

For many years, stucco was applied without proper flashing, expansion joints, weep screeds or underlayment, and the results have been devastating! Houses have been quietly rotting away behind the pretty façade until the damage could no longer be hidden.

At M. Jay Builders, we’ve toiled away to remediate this disaster for over a decade now. We have the knowledge, experience, and attention to detail needed to provide the stucco remediation services you need. We can remove the failing stucco, repair your rotted framing, sheathing, and insulation, and install any new surface the right way so your home will be sound and dry. If you still love the look of stucco, we can install it the right way so it will drain water properly, at or above current ASTM standards.

Maybe, rather than simply replacing your stucco, you’re ready for a change. If you’ve got your eye on real stone façades, or one of the seemingly endless variety of siding choices; no problem! We have the knowledge and experience to guide you to the product that will look and perform the way you want and install it properly so your home will look good, and stay dry. Your home can be restored and provide you with peace of mind and pride of ownership. Let’s start a conversation and get your home back to its former glory!